You’ve got safety equipment, styling riding gear now how about some accessories?

Riding Accessories

These days we have an unlimited amount of resources when it comes to technology. Growing up as a child in the late 90s and early 2000s a cell phone, GPS, headset etc… was uncommon. They existed however not everyone had them. At least not where I am from. We were still in the times when my parents would use maps, call from a landline phone or just show up at a friend or relatives house in hopes that they were home. If we got hurt while riding in the woods and we were alone it was more likely that a wild animal would stumble upon us first before the local police department came looking for us due to not coming home. That could still happen now but if you have some of these nifty gadgets; you can lower those chances.


The Global Positioning System. Something that everyone who owns a cell phone has! But you can buy them just as is. Purchasing an individual GPS gives you full access to your destination without an interruption of a phone call or notification. Easily mounted to the front of your handle bars or near the steering wheel of your off-road vehicle. Very useful to view where you are headed. Though it may not show you a specific trail you’re riding on, it gives you a wide range of the area you’re riding in to help you find your way!

The GPS Tracker

Its unfortunate that someone has the audacity to steal in the first place but when its something as expensive and valuable to you as your vehicle that’s when one of the trackers come in handy! I know I wish my Dad had one on his dirt bike back in the day when it got stolen. Like many, it was never recovered. Having a tracker not only helps from theft but like I stated above… what if you were stranded in the middle of nowhere hurt or maybe just out of gas. (Side note… check your fuel level before riding). Your family/friends would be able to locate you without hesitation. Another useful feature is that you can set an alert to remain in a boundary. My kids ride right next to a creek I could pin point an exact boundary just in case they accidentally take a spill and be alerted right away… Mom to the rescue! Thanks to the tracker.

Helmet Light

You already have access to headlights on your vehicles. How about one on your helmet? A very bright LED light that gives you more advantage to riding through the dark. I don’t recommend those with tunnel vision. These are lightweight and rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries. Don’t forget to charge them though!

Talk Communicator Kit

Featured with headphones and a microphone and a wide variety of models to choose from the talk communicator kit allows you to stay in contact through Bluetooth or radio satellites! A waterproof set is highly recommended to hold up in any kind of weather or wet lands. Some kits even hook into your GPS, phone or is completely wireless to make it hands free and much easier to navigate.

Living In The Now

How times have changed. We have access to so many technical advantages now that I could have ever dream’t of as a child. Not only are accessories cool to have some are life saving devices and we’re lucky to have them! Only listing a few here, there are much more gadgets to discuss!

Riding Accessories Part 2 to come!

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  • My Best friend is obsessed with everything involving motor gear no matter what it is. I’ll have to show him your overall website. But I like that you added a little story, because it brought back memories for me. I also think it’s important that you reminded us of small things can help, because we tend to forget.

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