There is a vast amount of riding accessories out there, here is a brief summary of a few more!


If you’re into the new age world of documenting your every move then a go pro while riding is for you! Okay, you don’t actually need to document everything but there are a lot of people out there including myself who enjoy watching riding videos and clips. My son and nieces actually have their own YouTube riding channel! We like to promote youth riding… because its fun!

Anyway… back to the GOPRO. The coolest feature about this gadget is that its hands free you just have to mount it to your helmet! With it being securely mounted it will keep from becoming very shaky and give you a clear shot of your riding adventure. Water proof models are useful to have just in case of unexpected rain, or you decide to ride through some water/mud. Though it is waterproof you will want to clean off water, mud or dirt that can get stuck to the lens.

You will want to determine what kind of resolutions, focuses and other features you want to record with. However, you will be able to edit your videos when you are ready.

Gear Bag

There are many gear bags to choose from! You find that a lot of them have different features… such as handy compartments, a changing mat, storage for your boots and/or helmet etc… You can find one that holds all of your gear securely! I feel a polyester material is what will hold up more tough than others. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what you specifically need it for. Maybe you just have a helmet and gloves? You won’t need a large hefty gear bag for just those items. Simply just a backpack which of course is also available!

Tool Kit

So, say you don’t need a gear bag or backpack but something as simple as a tool kit that straps around your waist. The elastic straps are great to have while riding through bumpy terrain preventing your tool pack from coming undone. Featured with compartments for your basic tools that can come in handy if and when you need them! A place to store your keys with the key loop, and even a spot for a water bottle because hydration is important especially while wearing riding gear. You will find many types of tool kits and one to specifically fit your needs!

Outdoor Cover

If you don’t have the luxury of storing your off-road vehicle in a garage or shed you may want to consider buying a cover for them. Not that it is neccessary due to your vehicle is supposed to hold up through any kind of weather. But if you like to keep things looking nice and new this may help a bit! Or a tarp could even do the trick as well!

With Or Without The Accessories

Point blank… whether you have the hottest new accessories or not. Stick to riding for the fun of it!

Check out my kiddos YouTube channel for some quick clips!

4 Replies to “Riding Accessories – Part 2”

  • Great article!! I like the information you gave with each item. I know what all these items look like but I suggest you put pictures by the items so if I didn’t know what they looked liked i would know just by looking on the side of the paragraph instead of having to look them up. Keep up the great work!!

  • Thank you so much for this article! As a girl who loves dirt, bikes, and the good outdoors, I’ve always wanted to buy a BMX style bike with all of the fixings. I am very adventurous, and this beautiful Spring weather is calling for me. Haha Given that so many outside products are selling at good prices now, I am going to jump on the opportunity to purchase a few riding accessories. God bless you!

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