Put on that helmet and suit up for safety before you ride!

Accidents Happen

Prior to this article we read about the importance of safety gear and some equipment that’s available for you to wear for protection. We know how fast paced and dangerous off-road riding is. As much, as we try to avoid it… accidents can happen.

Even if we are strapped and suited there is still a chance that a hard impact could seriously injure us. The statistics of injuries are vast in this sport; which stressing the importance of protection is vital.

If you’re just trotting along there is a slim chance of you taking a tumble… but it could happen. The most common causes of accidents result from riding on unbalanced terrain. You could hit a divot, bump or simply make a wrong turn to avoid something and wreck.

We covered the equipment we wear under our riding gear in the first article. Here we’ll be discussing the importance of your eyes, hands, feet and clothing of your body.

Protecting Your Eyes

Let’s talk about something VERY important. Your eyes! What would life be like if you couldn’t see? It would downright suck! When riding your bike, wheeler, UTV etc… it is very well kicking up some turf. You could be riding through a heavy wooded area and take a small or even large branch to the face. Wearing a helmet… as you should be, is helpful but that helmet won’t be protecting your eyes from debris.

What more useful than a handy pair of goggles! Goggles are placed around your helmet onto your eyes. You’ll want to have a pair that has a silicone beaded strap. This will keep from them slipping off of your helmet. Of course a proper fitting pair so they’re snug to your face but not too tight; it’ll cause tension around your eyes and small area of your forehead. Those who wear glasses; there are even goggles made for you to wear comfortably over your glasses!

There are a variety of lenses to choose from! Different shades and tints that will help you see clearer. Most are removable this way you can throw out scratched and worn lenses.

Riding Gloves, Pants & Jersey

  • Riding Gloves – Being in control is the soul purpose of safety. Your hands are on the throttle, they easily become sore and can end up with a nasty callus. With riding gloves you will have a comfortable and breathable grip. This will prevent those nasty bubbles from forming and relieve your hand from tension from pulling back or pushing in that throttle.

  • Pants & Jersey –Wearing pants and a jersey is designed for off-road riding. They are a more breathable and stretchable item made from different materials; however, polyester is recommended. The great thing about them being designed for off-road riding is that they are made to uphold from rips and tares, not like our everyday clothes. Sizing is important. If you’re wearing equipment under your pants and jerseys such as a chest brace, pads, or any braces; making sure they fit over your gear and still being breathable will help comfort. You do not want to wear baggy clothing due to the chance of it getting caught on something that could harm you.

Proper Foot Wear

Off road riding boots serve a great purpose! They not only protect your foot but your lower leg and ankles as well. For your boots to provide the support they intend to they need to properly fit. Having loose boots could result in you flying right out of them. You like your shoes to fit you snug right? Same goes for the boot! No, these are nothing like your winter or rain boots these are specifically made from sturdy material. Material that can actually be a tad heavier so be ready to feel a little weighed down.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

Enjoy The Ride!

Not only will you be looking stylish in your riding gear you will be suited up for satisfaction and safety! Whatever you decide to wear I hope you have fun and enjoy this awesome sport of riding!

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  • Hi Vivienne,

    This is such valuable information. Our life is the most important thing and we need to protect it to enjoy it. I see a lot of people who are doing off-road without proper safety gear. I think it will also be good if you can suggest some good brands for these safety gears as recommendations from an expert is very valuable.

    Thank you for putting up all the information together.


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