My highly recommended products for minor injuries.

Accidents happen.

So, I’ve said this in my prior articles and quite often… accidents happen and I say it lightly because of no matter how careful you try to be it can still occur. I’m no doctor but being a Mom of three and an Aunt of many I wouldn’t say I’m an expert when it comes to “boo-boos” but I’m damn near close! In this article I want to give you some recommendations on some products I feel come in handy while taking a spill or getting a nasty burn.


Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, its medicinal uses are vast! I won’t recommend anything else for any kind of burn. While riding, you have a chance of burning your leg off of the exhaust, getting sun burn if your skin is exposed to the sun for too long, or touching any hot part on your vehicle after riding. Say you’re not fond of gels you can also use aloe lotion. I prefer the gel because it doesn’t leave a greasy feel after you apply it.


Typically, everyone has Neosporin in their medicine cabinet, right? If, you get a cut that does not alarm you enough to seek medical attention then get yourself some of this antibiotic ointment to protect against infection. I personally put the Neosporin all over the band aide first and then apply the band aid to the skin. That way I don’t need to touch the actual cut to apply the medicine.


The smallest scrape to the skin can actually hurt a bit. Ever catch a thorn on your leg and it scrapes you just enough to leave a mark? It actually stings and gets irritated. Though you can use aloe or Neosporin for your scrapes as well; using a small cotton ball or even q-tip with a dab of peroxide will clean the scrape efficiently enough to prevent the smallest infection.

Minor Injuries.

Even though minor injuries don’t seem like much to fret over… which not all the time they aren’t; leaving the smallest wound untreated could lead to bigger issues within infections, tissue damage and illnesses. Best to be safe than sorry!

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